Explore with me, What's cookin'

Weekend adventures in London

 I am a food lover after all. 

It isn’t an adventure without some food involved. So let’s start at Borough Market!

All so overwhelming with the vast amount of fresh veg, fruits and meats. Juice stalls, cheese, cakes, truffles, olives, oysters, flowers, everything and anything!




Do stop by at Rabot 1745 for the most delicious cup of hot cocoa. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.IMG_6134


Another foodie adventure into Kingly Court, Carnaby.

I’ve always loved this little courtyard from the moment I stepped foot into the area. It has been gracefully transformed into any food lovers paradise with 16 bars and restaurants, all under one roof. IMG_6067

Venturing further East London to Shoreditch where we stumbled across eye catching detailed graffiti..


Shoreditch .. and to Dalston where food traders and diners celebrate street food, washing it all down with cocktails and beer.  Street Feast

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