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Camping out in the Middle East

So I’ve manage to find my old hard drive.. and when I say old, I mean one that you need to plug into the wall socket to get going. Remember those?

Whilst moving files across to the trusty WD My passport, I came across folders of photos from years ago.

Having them hiding out in my hard drive would do no good so I thought why not blog about my past travel experiences?

Over four years ago, my parents moved out to Muscat, Oman and I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel to the Middle East over my school breaks.

We’ve got loads of photos to go through so let’s start with our weekend camping trip up Jebel Akhdar.

The journey to the mountains from Muscat is about 3 hours by car. We took two pit stops along the way, the first was a quiet little town that most tourists would stop off at as they had stalls for souvenirs.

I must warn you, these are no ordinary souvenirs.
Camping-1 Camping-2

Yes, those are rifles you see amongst chunky handmade jewellery.

Below are daggers called Jambiya which are typically worn as an accessory to their clothing during special occasions.

A deadly accessory! you wouldn’t want to mess with anyone who had this hanging off their hip.

Camping-3 Camping-4

We then dashed off to continue our journey up the mountains where we came across a little secluded village.

Thinking back, I’m not sure this was the best of ideas- we went in regardless just to check it out.

Camping-5 Camping-6

The kids of the village didn’t mind us foreign folks oooing and aaaing as we aimlessly walked through the maze of alleyways.

I couldn’t resist giving out a handful of sweeties to these little’uns!

Camping-7 Camping-8 Camping-9

I can’t say the same about the women in the village though.. I got told off and chased after by this lady for taking this photo.

She just happened to pop into frame as I took it!

Camping-10 Camping-11 Camping-12

We got there in the end!

Our view was nothing but barren land for miles.

The air is thin up there so I’ve got to admit, that walk out just to take this photo of the camp site was a toughie!


It isn’t a camp out without a barbeque. Chicken wings, sausages and lamb chops galore!

Camping-14 Camping-15

The view at the crack of dawn was just breathtaking.

This photo doesn’t even do it justice.


The next day we were back on the road towards Muscat and we came about a funny sight!

Camping-17 Camping-18

My mum and brother were done with the exploring but dad and I couldn’t resist taking one last pit stop!

We stumbled across this abandoned village and did a sneaky walkabout.

I only just went and took about a billion photos- no biggie.


The surroundings had a weird peaceful but eerie feel about it.

Camping-20 Camping-21 Camping-22 Camping-23 Camping-24 Camping-25 Camping-26 Camping-27 Camping-28 Camping-29 Camping-30 Camping-31

I hope you’ve enjoyed following my journey to the mountains as a taster of what’s to come!

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