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Explore Muttrah Fish Market

Alright buoys and gils, it’s time to hit the fish market!

The best time to catch all the fishy action is at the crack of dawn.

The Muttrah fish market is a favourite amongst both the Omanis and tourists alike. It is full of life with the sellers and buyers bargaining with loud gestures and exchange of different dialects. A big contrast to the night scene.

Whether you’re there to handpick your dinner or to experience this historic city’s heritage, it’ll be an unforgettable visit.


Upon stepping foot into the hustle and bustle of the market, there was so much to take in, I just got straight to it with my camera.

I’d like to point out that this isn’t for the faint-hearted. Fishy, muddy and bloody is all I can say.


This chap loved being photographed! He definitely made my day.

Fish-Market-3 Fish-Market-4

Here’s some bargaining action between retailers and fishermen!


Once you’ve bagged yourself the catch of the day, you’ll be brought to a work top.

Here you’ll be able to get your fish cleaned, gutted and cut however you wish.

I must warn you to stand clear!

You might just get a scale or two flying in your direction!

Fish-Market-6 Fish-Market-7

I was so drawn to this man and was dumbfounded as to how patient he was with me photographing him, but then humbled after I was told by a local that he couldn’t see me.

He sits in this very corner everyday to sell plastic bags to passing strangers.

I wholeheartedly repaid him for the opportunity to photograph him.

Fish-Market-8 Fish-Market-9 Fish-Market-10 Fish-Market-11 Fish-Market-12 Fish-Market-13 Fish-Market-14 Fish-Market-15

Right next door you’ll find a few fruit and veg stalls- a huge contrast in comparison.

Fish-Market-16 Fish-Market-17 Fish-Market-18 Fish-Market-19

It’s wonderful when you meet such friendly stall keepers.

This guy was so happy to show me his array of fresh vegetables and fruits! and of course to have a self-portrait taken.


Fish-Market-21 Fish-Market-22 Fish-Market-23Um, yeah, I wouldn’t mess with him either!

Fish-Market-24 Fish-Market-25

If you ever get the chance, check out the fishermen out by the shore.

It’s hard work out there in the heat! You certainly feel grateful for those who bring fresh fish onto our plates at the end of the day.

Fish-Market-26 Fish-Market-27 Fish-Market-28 Fish-Market-29 Fish-Market-30 Fish-Market-31Fish-Market-32

It does sadden me at moments like these. Unfortunately, there’s only little I can do.


Another happy chappy!


Probably looked like a fool running around and laying flat on my belly snapping away at these little sand crabs.


Well worth it though! Aren’t they just adorable?!

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