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Festive stained-glass Cookies

So I decided to give these bad boys a go..

Before I head off to see my parents, I thought I’d get into the festive mood of baking ginger cookies.

Also a little test run before I do make them for the tree at my parents’ place.

The recipe can be found on Sorted.com.

If you haven’t heard of Sorted yet, where have you been?! They’ve become one of my favourite foodie vlogs to watch on youtube.

Their videos are quick and concise, with witty english humour thrown in for good measure. Let’s not forget that their recipes are easy and fun to follow!

I’ve got to say that they’ve come a long way and it’s been lovely to follow their journey on their channel.

Stained cookies



Don’t they look like shimmery gems?



I wasn’t going to let those tiny christmas trees and stars go to waste!


stained cookies



stained cookies

I’ve managed to ruin my icing already because I kept touching them to check if they’ve hardened. 

Could have added a little more icing sugar but I’m not the biggest fan of the taste of it.

Does anyone else agree?

Note to self: use royal icing instead.

Hope everyone’s getting into the festivities!

P.s. Give these a go with the kiddies! They’d love it.

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