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Muttrah Souq, Oman

Like any tourist, you’ll want to visit one of the oldest and well known Souqs in Oman.

If you’re anything like me who’s a sucker for souvenirs and little trinkets, you’d love it here!

It’s a shoppers’ delight, from antiques and silver ornaments to garments and frankincense.

Muttrah-Souq-1 Muttrah-Souq-2

This isn’t the entrance to the Souq but I found this building such a visual treat.

A beautiful contrast of bright turquoise shutters against the crisp pearl white building.

Muttrah-Souq-3 Muttrah-Souq-4 Muttrah-Souq-5

Another 5 minutes walk along the stretch and you’re at the gates of the Muttrah Souq.

Take your time to bask in the sights, sounds and smells of the Souq.

Muttrah-Souq-6 Muttrah-Souq-7

You’ll be summoned by shopkeepers to enter their jam-packed shops where your eyes will shoot from one corner to another.

Don’t be afraid to bargain! A good starting point is at 25% the offered price.

Muttrah-Souq-8 Muttrah-Souq-9

Trust me, they boost the price massively for all tourists. If they don’t agree, move on and you’ll easily find another shop that sells the same.

.. or like most of my encounters as you walk away, they might just entice you with a whopping discount you won’t be able to refuse ;)

Muttrah-Souq-10 Muttrah-Souq-11

Whilst you take your stroll through the busy alleys of the Souq, don’t forget to look up!

Muttrah-Souq-12 Muttrah-Souq-13 Muttrah-Souq-14 Muttrah-Souq-15 Muttrah-Souq-16 Muttrah-Souq-17 Muttrah-Souq-18 Muttrah-Souq-19 Muttrah-Souq-20 Muttrah-Souq-21 Muttrah-Souq-22 Muttrah-Souq-23 Muttrah-Souq-24 Muttrah-Souq-25

In one of my last posts, I mentioned that women aren’t that open to being photographed here in the Middle East.

These girls were a delight to shoot.

I think they rather enjoyed being papped!

Muttrah-Souq-26 Muttrah-Souq-27

A great place to shop for stocking stuffers if you’re getting ready for Christmas!

Only a few days to go! Are you all ready?

I’m back in the Middle East this Christmas, Dubai to be exact and I’ve got to say that I’ll be missing the snuggles with a cuppa hot chocolate with baileys in the wintery cold crisp glittery atmosphere of London.

It’ll be a warm warm Christmas for me with an amazing view of the Burj Khalifa..

Burj Khalifa

I can’t complain waking up to this every morning!

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