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Oman by night

Head back to Muttrah harbour when the sun goes down.

Oman-by-night-1 Oman-by-night-2

Any ladies visiting the Middle East shouldn’t leave without having their henna done.

Henna is a beautiful free form of body art and is applied for luck as well as joy and beauty during celebrations like weddings. It is a natural dye that lasts up to 2 weeks and is popular amongst visitors as a temporary tattoo.

The only tricky thing about getting henna done is being careful not to smudge it while it dries!

Oman-by-night-3 Oman-by-night-4 Oman-by-night-5

Mum went all out and got both hands done, so imagine how useless she felt when she couldn’t do anything with her hands!

That’s when I come in.. attending to all her needs.


Enjoy a stroll along the harbour under the cool calm Arabian night skies.

Don’t forget to bring you camera and stand if you’re into night photography!

Oman-by-night-7 Oman-by-night-8 Oman-by-night-9 Oman-by-night-10 Oman-by-night-11 Oman-by-night-12 Oman-by-night-13 Oman-by-night-14 Oman-by-night-15

The mosques are iridescently lit in the evening which leaves them in such a peaceful setting.

Oman-by-night-16 Oman-by-night-17 Oman-by-night-18 Oman-by-night-19 Oman-by-night-20 Oman-by-night-21

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