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Long over due!

My apologies everyone..

To make up for my absence, I’ll make this post heavy with photos taken on my visit to the United Arab Emirates.

As you’ve gathered from my last few posts, I have spent the Christmas holidays and New Year festivities mainly in Dubai with my family.

There are two ways to open up any post about Dubai, it’s either a photo of the beach or the infamous Burj Khalifa.


This seemed more appropriate since it’s winter and I wouldn’t dare create jealousy of the warmth.

However, I will have you know that it does get chilly in the evenings over the winter season.

For those itching to travel to the UAE, promise me you’ll take a Desert Safari Tour.

It’s probably one of the only ways of getting out into the desert, away from all the towering shiny buildings of Dubai. (Well that was a lie, a more expensive trip out would be sky-diving, but let’s save that for another day!)

Long-over-due-Part-1-2 Long-over-due-Part-1-3

And of course, while in the desert, you’ve got to meet a camel.

Quad bikes are always a fun option too!

Long-over-due-Part-1-4 Long-over-due-Part-1-5 Long-over-due-Part-1-6

The falcon shows are always a hit and they’re good at filling you in with countless facts. I won’t bore you with any, you’ll have to check it out yourself!

Long-over-due-Part-1-7 Long-over-due-Part-1-8

After a roller coaster of a ride through the desert, your final destination will be a camp site beautifully laid with Arabian carpets, henna ladies and an Arabic feast ready to be demolished.

Long-over-due-Part-1-9 Long-over-due-Part-1-10

Not to forget the belly dancers!

Another one on the bucket list- to check out the view from the tallest building in the world.

I’ve got to say, it’s slightly odd viewing Dubai from the 124th floor. I’m forever on the look out for the iconic Burj Khalifa, but forget I’m in it!


Look down and you’ll see the Dubai Mall, another “biggest in the world”. You can really see the sheer size of it from above.

I mean, where else in the world can you find a mall with a 100 million litre aquarium AND an ice rink?

Long-over-due-Part-1-12 Long-over-due-Part-1-13

You might want to stick around for the fountain show to begin. Better yet, visit during sundown, always romantic when with that special someone.

You’ve got to laugh when you come across tourists trying out their hand in acrobatics just to capture the whole Burj Khalifa in one frame!

Long-over-due-Part-1-14 Long-over-due-Part-1-15 Long-over-due-Part-1-16

I decided to use the panoramic option on my iPhone.. just a little wonky!

An SLR with wide angle lens would have come in handy.

Once you’re tired of the high-rise buildings, head to Al Sabkha to check out the Gold Souk. Don’t worry, there are plenty of other shops that sell pashminas and trinkets to take home if gold doesn’t tickle your fancy.


My parents are golf fanatics, so it isn’t a family holiday without a trip to The Address Montgomerie for a spot of 18 holes.


The view from the driving range is out of this world!

And.. with me out of practice, I’m bound to lose some balls. Best time to fish them out with dad’s new golf ball retriever.

Long-over-due-Part-1-18 Long-over-due-Part-1-19 Long-over-due-Part-1-20

Are you still with me?

I think it’s best to save the rest of my trip for another post.

See you in the next one!

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