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Majorca Mallorca

Spain is easily the top most visited destination for the Brits, with over 12 million trips made per year. So yes, Palma de Mallorca with its crystal clear blue waters and white-sand beaches is a popular holiday spot for youthful spring breakers..

However if you’re wanting to be left undisturbed by late night party-goers, head up North to Alcudia for a more authentic Mallorcan experience.


There are plenty of resorts along the Bay of Alcudia, from Port d’Alcudia in the west to Can Picafort 10 kilometres down the coast. We stayed at a resort called BelleVue Club, which is in a fantastic location for wandering travellers with everything explorable by foot, car or bike. And by bike I mean bicycle.. not a Harley Davidson!


Our first day took us by bike 2 miles from the coast to the ancient town of Alcudia which is perfectly surrounded by restored walls on the site of the Roman settlement.

Behind medieval ramparts, a maze of narrow streets lead you through to cafes, ice-cream parlours, seafood restaurants, shops that sell little knick-knacks and the 14th century parish church of Sant Jaume.

majorcamajorca majorca majorca

The beauty of exploring; spotting gorgeous door knockers!


This photo of the town hall doesn’t even do it justice. It’s quite a majestic structure built in a mediterranean renaissance style.

majorcamajorca majorca

Put those maps away! You won’t wander far on a bike and you’ll be surprised with what you’ll stumble upon..


Like this secluded beach!


Day two, we went by sea to Cala Formentor Beach on the Bay of Pollenca and spent most of our time dipping our toes into the water between siestas. Ah.. Life’s a beach!

majorca majorca majorca
On our last day we rented a car to take us further out towards Porto Cristo and Cuevas de Drach, the four great caves of the island.

majorca majorca majorcamajorca majorca majorca majorca

What do you get when put two very excited bestfriends in a car without a nat nav in a foreign country?

Two lost but still very excited girls.


I wish I knew where we ended up!- It would have been great to share this location with those planning a trip to Majorca.

All I can say is it was a beautiful, quaint and VERY quiet little town up on high terrain.

majorca majorca majorca majorcamajorcamajorca majorca

Lastly, with fresh seafood at your doorstep, I strongly suggest stuffing your face with as much as you can chow down!

Those razor clams and fish soup was the. bomb.

majorca majorcamajorca majorca

Where are you heading to this Spring break?

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