Tricks to Falling Asleep Fast

We’re all familiar with that feeling of patiently, yet frustratingly, waiting for our mind to unwind whilst we lie in bed.. Then to be greeted with our piercing alarm once we’re finally in dreamland.

You need your beauty sleep but your brain is being such a busy-body. Are you frustratedly kicking your sheets and punching your pillows? With the stresses of the day looming in that head of yours, it can be a difficult task to fall asleep at night.

Well let’s kick that feeling in the butt with my tips and tricks to get you sleepy.

Treating yourself to a hot bath followed by deeply moisturising yourself with your favourite body butter or essential oil is a great way of relaxing your body. Once you’re comfortable in your pjs and have slipped under the covers, there will be no doubt that your mind will follow your body into a calm and relaxed state.

tricks to falling asleep fast

And I mean a non-alcoholic one as alcohol will actually disrupt your sleep pattern. Have a warm beverage before bed such as tea or a yummy mug of hot chocolate sweetened with honey.

Rich and fatty foods will take a lot of time for your body to digest and will keep you up. Spicy and acidic foods also have a tendency to lead to heartburn and discomfort.

tricks to falling asleep fast

Relaxation of the mind and body is beneficial for everyone. Practicing deep breathing whilst doing yoga helps to release tension and stress. Try a meditation app. Andrew Johnson‘s relaxation and deep sleep apps are a great start. I personally listen to him before bed and drift straight to sleep.

Soft music will do the trick. Put together a dreamy playlist or if you’re into nature sounds such as the rainforest or the ocean, go for it!

tricks to falling asleep fast

There are certain calming and relaxing essential oils such as Lavender or Chamomile oil that can potentially help induce sleep. Get that oil burner going or mix a few drops of oil into water and spray a dash onto your pillows. Be careful to avoid energising and stimulating oils such as rosemary, peppermint, lemon etc.

This is an age-old trick to falling asleep. Reading will make your eyes tired, sending signals to your brain that it’s time to sleep. Stick to easy reading before bedtime- no thrillers as these will definitely keep your mind going!

Everyone’s guilty of scrolling through Facebook or Instagram in bed but let’s leave our laptops and mobiles out of the bedroom. Or at least stop yourself from using them an hour before bedtime.

Experiment is key, as what works for some might not work as well for others. Do the same relaxing things before a regular bedtime, the ritual clues your mind and body that it’s time to sleep.


What are your night time rituals? I’d love to hear what sends you off to sleep.

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