Let’s support Sanuk Day Care Center

My beautiful friends, We need your help!

Sanuk Day Care Center in Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand is a non-profit organisation founded by my dear friend Melissa Cosgrove and her mother, Tracy Cosgrove. Their mission is to provide safety, shelter, education and food for children whose immigrant parents work in the construction camps.

Without these nurseries and the compassionate individuals running them, these kids will go unfed, uneducated and left to play in unsanitary sewage areas. Sanuk Day Care Center creates a safe haven for these vulnerable children, away from harm and traffickers.

Sanuk Day Care Center 6 Sanuk Day Care Center  6Sanuk Day Care Center 5 Sanuk Day Care Center 2 Sanuk Day Care Center 3
So here I am, asking for your help.

Sanuk Day Care Center is in need of funds to stay open.

We need your contribution. We need your support.

Calling out to all home cooks, chefs and foodies!

We need your recipes!

Let me break it down for y’all… Sanuk Day Care Center would be grateful to accept original recipes of home cooked comfort food to be printed into a cookbook for sale in order to raise money.

  • It can be a Starter, Main or Dessert
  • Written up in the Metric system
  • With a high quality photo(s) of the dish

Please also include a few sentences about yourself and your inspiration for the dish.

If you would like to contribute please email Melissa at or contact her through either Facebook pages listed below.

If writing up recipes isn’t your thing, don’t fret!

You can donate directly here, here and here!

Sanuk Day Care Center 8

Sanuk Day Care Centre Facebook Page

Cookbook for Sanuk Facebook Page


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