So what are you doing after graduation? 

What a daunting question.. And I can assure you that not everyone has a solid answer. This one’s personal, because judgement comes crashing towards you soon after.

So what’s a fellow graduate to say? 

There’s no right or wrong answer here. Everyone has their journey to tell and there’s no shame in it! Want to see the world? Book a ticket. Want to volunteer? Register. What about further studies? Apply for a postgrad. Thinking about moving abroad? Pack up and do it. So you have a brilliant business idea? Get planning!

Have a job offer completely unrelated to your degree?
Take that crazy job.

But what if you want to just take some time off? Relax. Chill. Recuperate. Noone’s chasing you chase your dreams.

So here’s my story.


I graduated a year ago, overwhelmed and scared by the prospect of the real world I had to face. We are all programmed to follow society’s rule of grabbing a job straight after education. So instinctively, I followed. I searched for a job.. left, right and centre.

There was no direction in my search. I wanted everything and anything at the same time. After a few months, I took myself out of the search game, stepped back and questioned myself.

What is my mission in life?

It wasn’t to get the best paying job. It wasn’t to be famous that’s for sure. It was simple; I wanted to be the best I could be.

I took time to find myself.
To learn the ins and outs of who I am as a person.

I learnt that I am in control.

I am no longer fighting the battle of dodging the question. I’ve made my decisions solely for myself; my wellbeing and happiness. I’m not here to please anyone, nor am I here to showcase my successes. But, I am here to continuously learn and grow.

For those who pass judgements, they aren’t growing with me. And that’s okay. We all have to learn and grow at our own pace.

So where am I today, one year later?

I’ll be starting my masters in Marketing, Strategy and Innovation in London this fall! I am closer to my family more than ever. I’ve surrounded myself with people who truly support me and believe in what I’m doing.

Above all, I’m happy with where I am and I’m ready to continuously grow as a person.

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