Terrarium Workshop

So here’s what’s been happening- Over the past few weeks I’ve been working along side The Collective and The Fairy Jars on a workshop to #getcreative!

For those following through Facebook and Instagram, you’d know all about our Terrarium Workshop we hosted and taught over the weekend.

The #getcreative workshop was an initiative brought to life by The Collective in order to give both Bruneians and expats the opportunity to learn about different types of creative arts. The idea behind The Collective’s workshops and events are to fabricate an outlet for people with similar interests in order to network.

So without further ado, we’d like to share our day with you..

Terrarium Workshop 1Terrarium Workshop 2Terrarium Workshop 3Terrarium Workshop 4Terrarium Workshop 5Terrarium Workshop 8Terrarium Workshop 9Terrarium Workshop 10Terrarium Workshop 11Terrarium Workshop 12Terrarium Workshop 13Terrarium Workshop 14Terrarium Workshop 15Terrarium Workshop 16Terrarium Workshop 17Terrarium Workshop 18Terrarium Workshop 19Terrarium Workshop 20Terrarium Workshop 21Terrarium Workshop 28Terrarium Workshop 29Terrarium Workshop 30Terrarium Workshop 31Terrarium Workshop 32Terrarium Workshop 33Terrarium Workshop 34Terrarium Workshop 35Terrarium Workshop 36Terrarium Workshop 37Terrarium Workshop 38Terrarium Workshop 39Terrarium Workshop 40Terrarium Workshop 41Terrarium Workshop 42Terrarium Workshop 43Terrarium Workshop 44Terrarium Workshop 45Terrarium Workshop 46Terrarium Workshop 47Terrarium Workshop 48Terrarium Workshop 49Terrarium Workshop 52Terrarium Workshop 23Terrarium Workshop 24Terrarium Workshop 25Terrarium Workshop 26Terrarium Workshop 27Terrarium Workshop 50Terrarium Workshop 51Terrarium Workshop 53Photo credit: Yusrina A. (@enyabijoux) & Dani Bakar

A big well done to all creatives that participated on the day! Thanks to our friends that helped out and lastly, The Energy Kitchen for allowing us to use their space to host such a fun filled event.

For those in Brunei who are interested in participating in future workshops hosted by The Collective, please do follow them on instagram @thecollectiveartevents to keep up to date. Don’t forget to check out @thefairyfars for more succulent and terrarium goodness! As well as @enyabijoux for beautiful handmade jewellery.

Let’s connect!
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