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Surviving the London commute

I spend an average of 2 hours on my London commute on a daily basis and I must say, I have established a love hate relationship with the underground.

For those who frequent the underground, I have no doubt you’ve had your fair share of rude opportunists. As well as the occasional armpit, obnoxiously blaring music from headphones, the awkward “I’m not looking at you but the adverts behind your head” stares, the sticky heat during summer months and people who out of nowhere stop in their tracks midst walk.

However, with all those aside, I’ve come to enjoy most of my journeys.


It’s quite mesmerising to be able to whiz through crowds of people, slipping into the underground world and to emerge somewhere completely different.

In a sense, it’s some time off from life. You aren’t contactable for that sweet period of time and there’s no one to blame for it.

I love people watching and with all that time under your belt, you could easily read all the books on your wishlist. It’s the best time to contemplate on your day and reorganise that brain of yours.

You totally feel like superman as you leap through those closing doors with 0.05 seconds to spare before your head gets chopped off.. And smiling smugly to yourself about it. That gust of air in your hair when you’re boiling from your journey ♥ (totally gross if you really think about it). Not to forget, falling in love with strangers across the carriage.


Fortunately, for those travellers loathed by Londoners because of your genuine naïveté of the underground, here are some pointers:

# To have a pleasant journey, for your sake and everyone else’s;
Plan ahead, always. Cittymapper is handy.

# Move down the carriage. To the man who totally didn’t get the point and threw a fit- the idea is to create space for others. Numbnut.

# Keep to the right. Or suffer the consequences of the death stare.

# Let those on, off first. You won’t get to your next stop any faster.

# Above all, practice acts of chivalry. This one goes out to Londoners too. No harm in having good manners is there?

Oh and something I’ve just learnt, the “Open door” buttons do not actually function. The doors open regardless and are operated by the driver. Nice one TFL.. Totally fell for it.

That said, the London underground is humbly awesome. It’s one of the best travel systems with some pretty amusing station names. Erm, Cockfosters.

I’d love to hear your tips and tricks around the London underground web of tube lines. Come on, share!

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