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Notre Dame & the Louvre

And I’m back!

Did you enjoy baking those Nutella & PB stuffed Choco Chip Cookies while I was away? Unfortunately life just took over and I had to have a little hiatus from my blog, but do not fret, I am back with plenty from my travels!

So without further ado, let’s pick up where we left off- Paris. Our last minute trip during the winter months was one of our best ideas this year and what a great way to start off 2016. A little ironic saying it now that we’re 3/4 through 2016!

If you’re looking to travel anywhere on a budget, go during the off peak season. Not only will you save some pennies but you’ll also travel with so much ease; without the streets swarming with people. You get to see so much of Paris on foot as well, and you’re spoilt with choices when it comes to free entries to Museums.

Notre Dame 1

Stepping into the Notre Dame, you’re suddenly engulfed with a peaceful aura- A huge contrast from it’s outside surroundings.

Notre Dame 2

Notre Dame 3

Notre Dame 4

Notre Dame 5

Notre Dame 6

Notre Dame 7

Our next stop was the Louvre Museum, with an awe-inspiring entrance and an interior to match.

Louvre 1

Louvre 2

Louvre 3

Louvre 4

Louvre 5

Don’t forget to look up once in a while. Every inch of the building is beautifully designed with stunningly detailed embellishments, skylights and paintings.

Louvre 6

Louvre 7

Louvre 8

Louvre 9

Louvre 11

Louvre 12

Louvre 13

Louvre 14

Louvre 15

Louvre 16

Louvre 17

Louvre 18

Louvre 19

Louvre 20

Louvre 21

With so much still to see, you’ll need a full day at the Louvre so make sure you’ve got plenty of time to spare for the trip.


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