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Harbour Hopping in Malta

So at the end of August, we travelled to Malta for a few days to get some sun on our skin.

Malta is one of the three islands of the Maltese archipelago with 7,000 years of intriguing history and beautiful blue beaches. There were several waves of conquerers who took possession of Malta, starting with a Carthaginian domination, Arab occupation, Normans, French and British. In 1964, Malta gained independence within the British Commonwealth and later in 2004 joined the European Union.

English is widely spoken on the islands so there is no need to worry about any language barriers.

On our first day out in the sun, we decided to check out our local area called St Julian’s. We of course had to start with a tour of our hotel, the Radisson Blu.

Harbour 1

Harbour 2

Harbour 3

Harbour 5

We continued to follow the coast past quaint Maltese homes through bars, restaurants and hotels.

Harbour 6

Harbour 7

Harbour 8

We then made our way to Portomaso Marina which is a lovely enclosed harbour surrounded by Hilton and residential flats with stunning views!

Harbour 9

Harbour 10

Harbour 11

Harbour 12

Harbour 13

Another 5-10 minutes walk further, we reached Spinola Bay for happy hour and got ourselves mojitos to cool us down.

Harbou 14

Harbour 15

Harbour 16

Harbour 17

Harbour 18

Harbour 19

Harbour 20

After a day of walking in the heat, I was definitely out for the count and ready for a big meal.

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