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Eating our way through Valletta

A trip isn’t without its foodie adventures! Here’s where we got our munch on in the city of Valletta.

Our first stop was the Black Pig on Old Bakery Street. What a hidden gem and I was so glad that the restaurant I booked prior cancelled on me for me to then find this one! Excuse the blurry photos as I didn’t want to bring a chunky camera with me on this trip and had only my phone with me.



The Black Pig is an intimate space for diners with the restaurant only being able to host 20 people at a time. This amazing place is run by the head chef and one sommelier/waiter. How cool is that! What was even more amazing was the fact that we got the whole place to ourselves where we were wined and dined with utmost care.

So looking at the menu, we decided to treat ourselves to the tasting menu and let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint!


Our first starter of the evening was the Fresh burrata with summer truffle, broccoli and herb velouté. What a way to start our meal! This was to die for. The velouté was silky smooth and digging in you’ll find a surprise of soft creamy burrata cheese! mmmm Oh and a generous amount of freshly shaved earthy truffle with every bite.


And a little piggy’s bottom waiting for us at the bottom of the bowl!


Then there’s starter number two- Raw baby swordfish and octopus with avruga caviar with cucumber juice. I’ve never had raw swordfish and this was yummy! I enjoyed the octopus the most out of this dish though and that cucumber juice was so refreshing on the palate against the charred octopus.


Our first main was the Confit of pork neck with barbequed cabbage, eel and black sesame. This was divine! who knew pork and eel went together? and the barbecued cabbage was a very nice addition.


We honestly thought the next course would have been our dessert at this point and was only more than happy to receive another main which was the Lamb with caramelised onions with truffle polenta sauce. I believe this was sous-vide lamb that was seared off which we thought could have been cooked for a little longer. Just a tad chewy and raw for me. BUT the truffle polenta sauce that came with it on the side blew our minds!


We were then greeted with this little pre-starter. Goats cheese or cream? sweetened with honey.. drizzled in olive oil and raspberries. Such simplicity but super yummy! Definitely adding olive oil to my desserts in the future.


And finally, to end the meal we received our last dessert of the eve- Coffee and passion fruit mille feuille with white miso ice cream. Wow. That’s all I can say. I’ve got to be honest, we were stuffed by this point of the meal but this desert was demolished in seconds!


After our delicious meal, we decided to take an evening stroll through Valletta which was glittering in lights.




We enjoyed Valletta so much that we decided to make the trip out there again the day after, but this time to a seafood restaurant by the water called Scoglitti.



The view was stunning and unfortunately that’s all I can say. The food was pretty average for the hype of the place and don’t even get me started on the service. The muscles were the only thing I really enjoyed the most out of this meal.




Here goes another stroll after our meal, and this was a sweaty mess as we had to climb countless stairs and walk in the midday heat!






Needless to say, Valletta is still one of our favourite cities of Malta, day or night. We then headed back to our hotel for a sundowner on our little balcony. Check out that sunset! What bliss.



Two more days of our adventure in Malta to follow, so stay tuned! Hope you’ve enjoyed exploring Malta with me so far. Do let me know if you’ve been to any of these places and comment below!

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