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Cochem, Germany

So I’ve been to Germany a couple of times before, but this trip to the Moselle Valley was one to remember and one I’d definitely recommend to anyone and everyone!

If you have a weekend to spare, book a flight out to Cologne, rent a car and head on over to Cochem, which takes about an hour and a half to get to. Trust me, you’ll thank me later. Where? do I hear you say? Cochem is an exceptionally scenic traditional German town on the Moselle river, beautifully painted with half-timbered houses. Rich history is woven into every street and alleyway, surrounded by natural beauty.


Cochem, Germany

Cochem, Germany


Vineyards are found on every hillside, with many other wine villages spotted along the river. It goes without saying that Cochem is the heart of the romantic Moselle wine trade, greatly known for its regional wines, which is down to the presence of the many vineyards and small family-run wineries in the nearby towns.

Cochem, Germany

As you drive into this beautiful town, you are charmingly greeted by a castle uphill and the glistening river below. I’ve got to say, the 5,000 inhabitants of this town are one lucky bunch to have such a view!

DSC_0762Cochem, Germany


We had the pleasure to stay in one of the oldest homes in Cochem, 402 years old to be exact! It is a “Winneburg”; a protected historic monument which has been restored and kept so well by it’s owners. Katrin and her son gave us such a warm welcome and were very informative. You can find this unique home on airbnb here.




And check this toilet out! It has a cigar tray and a bell!


Take your time to stroll through the town on your first day and let the beauty of the architecture surrounding you sink in. Weaving through the alleyways and along the river are plenty of restaurants, hotels and bars. Oh and not to mention wine stores selling all the delicious wine grown, aged and bottled in the area.









Are you as in awe with Cochem as I was, and still am?!

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